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Being faced with auto accident-related charges can be devastating. We at Driver Defenders take each and every case seriously. Whether you received a speeding ticket or got into an auto accident, you can trust Driver Defenders.

Driver Defenders provides services, including:

  • DUI or Negligent Driving: As compared to other states, DUI (Driving Under the Influence) laws and penalties in Washington are very harsh. A DUI conviction can have lasting, devastating effects on you and your family. You can lose your job, ability to drive, and your reputation in your community may suffer. You will also face extraordinary fines and significant jail time, depriving you of your freedom and ability to support your loved ones.
  • DOL Hearing: No one wants to get pulled over for driving recklessly. Driving recklessly or driving under the influence is not only hazardous to your safety, but also to the community. The time you have to schedule a DOV hearing is limited. It is required that you schedule a DOL hearing so you can challenge your case in court. To make an aggressive case, you need one of our top-notch attorneys at Driver Defenders by your side.
  • Traffic Tickets: Washington speeding tickets should not be taken lightly. They can ruin an otherwise good driving record and raise your car insurance rate for years to come. When ignored entirely, there may be grounds for an arrest during your next traffic stop.
  • Auto Accident: A car crash is capable of disrupting the life of even the strong-willed. The aftermath of vehicle collisions demand much courage and perseverance from both the individual who has suffered injury as well as his or her family members. What is even more, families who have lost a loved one in such a tragic accident are left to cope with the tremendous loss in addition to the many unexpected financial and legal burdens. When faced with such challenges, accessing as much information as possible about your legal rights and options can make a big difference in not only giving you peace of mind, but also resolving your predicament so you can focus on rebuilding your life. Driver Defenders can help provide legal guidance and representation to individuals afflicted by car accidents .
  • Personal Injury: The Tacoma attorneys at Driver Defenders care about your wellbeing. Recovering from an injury is difficult and stressful. You can and should be compensated for your medical bills and suffering.
  • Criminal Defense: Any criminal charge in Washington State can significantly impact your life and your future. Even if you aren't at risk of jail time, the consequences of significant fines, loss of driver's license, restrictions on international travel to Canada, and other major disruptions in your life can be devastating

Knowing the laws and your rights are critical in adressing any charges against you and in building your case. At Driver Defenders, we are committed to achieving the best possible outcome in every case. We're committed to guiding you to success in court. Contact us today at (888) 612-9895 to receive a free consultation.

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